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Joe Price Prediction 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe’s price maintained a silent trend for a pretty long time and underwent a massive upswing in the past few days by surging nearly 245%
  • The bulls after a small consolidation are expected to resume with a notable upswing that may raise the price beyond $1 in the coming days
  • The traders appear to have induced significant strength as the token has become volatile and hence may remain under the bullish influence
Price $0.609
24H Price Change +0.25%
7D Price Change+26.6%
MarketCap $204.97 million
Circulating Supply336.43 million
Trading Volume $60.79 million

Joe Price History

  • Trader Joe, a DEX on Avalanche was launched in June 2021 and Joe, the native token of the exchange further commenced the trade somewhere in August-September 2021
  • The 2021 bull run pulled the price to as high as $5 from levels around $1.2 TO $1.5 which faded by the end of the year
  • The price remained under the extreme bearish influence throughout the year 2022 and marked the lows close to $0.2 by the end of the year
  • However, the bulls appear to have awakened as the prices have slightly risen since the beginning of 2023 and are expected to remain elevated for the rest of the year

Joe Technical Analysis

  • The JEO price witnessed a significant push in the past few days and maintained an elevated trend to surge beyond $0.6
  • Presently, the Bollinger Bands are preparing to squeeze as the volatility has decreased to a large extent 
  • Besides, the ADX, the rally strength indicator is also displaying a bearish divergence, which indicates a bearish reversal incoming after breaking out from the squeeze
  • However, the levels around $0.51 appear to be pretty strong to hold which may trigger a rebound. In case it fails, a massive downswing may drag the price below $0.4 initially and maintain a consolidated trend

Overview of Joe On- Chain Analysis:

Joe Sharpe Ratio

Sharpe ratio is used to determine the returns on the investment and to understand whether the investment is in profit or risks. It compares the return on investment with its risks. It is widely used to analyze risk-adjusted relative returns. Generally, a ratio above 1 is considered a good ratio as it indicates excess returns relative to its volatility. 

In the present case, the ratio of Joe has risen heavily above 1 after being mainly within the negative regions for nearly a year. Hence indicating the investment in the token may incur significant profit in the coming days.

Joe Volatility

The volatility of the token is nothing but the variations happening with its price over time. A healthy price volatility promotes significant price movement regardless of the direction of the rally. An increased volatility doesn’t mean the price may tend to soar high but it indicates that the activity over the platform has intensified as more traders are performing higher trades. 

The volatility had dropped heavily in the first few weeks of 2023 where the levels raised from as low as 0.3 to hit 2.22. Therefore, massive variations in the prices may be expected regardless of the direction.

Joe Price Prediction for 2023

Joe’s price has begun to rise since the beginning of 2023 as the platform experienced a massive upswing as the volume soared high. The price smashed the highs around $0.66 in just a couple of days, manifesting acute strength. Although the pace has reduced largely, the price continues to display bullish momentum. 

The price secured levels above $0.6 during the Q1 close and could maintain a notable upswing later. The price may consolidate for a while and begin to rise high in the coming days. After closing the H1 trade at close to $0.75 to $0.82, the price may rise finely beyond $1 in Q3. It may withstand a minor bearish action but close the yearly trade around $1.2 to $1.4.

Joe Price Prediction for 2024

The price may remain largely bullish since the beginning of 2024, aiming to reach new highs. During the first quarter, the price may surge beyond $1.5 surpassing a major resistance at $1.48. It may continue to rise high further to reach the levels close to the next barrier around $1.72 and close to the H1 2024 above $1.8. 

The Joe price may begin with a notable upswing in the second half of 2024 as the price levels may surge beyond $2. The price may attain the level around $2.22 and try to reach $2.5 by the end of Q3. However, the Q4 trade is expected to be extremely bullish as the price levels may soar high to mark a new ATH above $3. 


The price may remain bullish in the first few months of 2025 and reach new highs between $3.7 to $4.1. However, the bears may soon drag the price lower and keep the rally under their influence during the rest of 2025 and throughout 2026. The trend may remain decreased in 2027 as well but may also trigger a minor recovery phase. 

By the end of 2027, a strong recovery may trigger a fine upswing which may get intensified during the last few months. The upswing may further trigger a fine bull run in 2028 which may uplift the price toward new highs. However, after reaching a high close to a 2-digit figure, the price may begin to consolidate again and retrace toward the strong support level. By 2030, the price may trigger a rebound and later secure levels around $10 by the end. 

YearJoePrice Forecast
2023$1.2 – $1.4
2024$3.2 – $3.6
2025$9.8 – $10.4

Should you invest in Joe in 2023?

Jeo entered the world of trade just a few times ago and has displayed acute bullish momentum under the bearish influence. Although the prices are currently consolidating, a significant upswing could be imminent. However, before investing deep research on the market sentiments and core fundamentals are quite important. 


What will Joe be worth in 2023?

Joe’s price may soar high and close the yearly trade around $1.2 to $1.4.

What will be the price of 1 Joe in 2030?

The price of 1 JOE could be priced above $10.2 by the end of 2030

Will Joe ever hit $10?

Jeo price is believed to surge high in the coming days, breaching significant levels. Hence may reach the desired target in the upcoming years

Is Joe a safe investment?

Joe’s price has been displaying significant strength and hence may quickly rise high as the market rebounds completely from the bearish captivity. With proper market research and analysis, Jeo can turn into a profitable investment.


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